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Relics – Chapter Thirty-Eight

Charlie erupted out of the backpack. Charlie erupted from the backpack, flying through the air not unlike when he fell jumping off the building; however, this time, he was thrown up along the side of the unfinished building. The backpack was still gripped tightly in his hands. He flipped over the ledge at the top…

Relics – Chapter Thirty-Seven

Charlie was not entirely sure where he was, or even when he was. As he stood up, it became immediately clear that he could very well be dead. All around him, strands of thin red thread spun silently through the air, intertwining with each other as if they were weaving themselves together, then apart, then…

Relics – Chapter Thirty-Six

Milo and Bear landed in front of Walter Kemp on the street just outside the apartment.  “Go back in there and tell your friend to come out,” said Kemp. “Surely he doesn’t want to see anything unpleasant happen to his little cat friend.” Milo growled. He reeled back his arm and then threw a punch…

Relics – Chapter Thirty-Five

The mob of sand-thugs charged into the lobby of the building, crowding around the elevator as a large man frantically pressed the down button, repeatedly calling the elevator. The mob watched the numbers above the elevator door indicating the location of the elevator descend at a glacial pace, one floor after another until at last it reached…


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