What is Darkmoon Drive?

Welcome to Darkmoon Drive. If you’re wondering why I wrote this story and/or what it’s about, than you are in the right place! Consider this your book blurb and author’s note page all in one!

The Story of Darkmoon Drive

Charlie Cole is fully prepared to end it all. His life up until now has been a series of incredibly bad moments, a journey along a dark road of failed relationships and missed opportunities. But just as he’s ready to give up for good, he learns of the mysterious death of his grandfather, Arthur Cole. Not only has the man, which Charlie and his mother barely had any relationship with, died, but it seems he’s left Charlie the keys to a run down apartment building in Brooklyn known as Darkmoon Drive.

And as it turns out, Darkmoon Drive, and its residents, are unlike anything Charlie has ever encountered.

The building itself is alive and full of wonderful and terrifying the secrets. The residents each own a powerful item, known as Relics, which are able to magically transform the world around them and even gain power with every use. And all of it is connected to a mysterious red backpack which Charlie’s grandfather has left to him. A backpack which can hold anything, and with enough power, can also create anything.

Darkmoon Drive is the tale of hope in the face of utter despair, friendship in the most unlikely of places, and an old magic which can be found all around us, if only we take a moment to seek it out.

What is Darkmoon Drive?

Darkmoon Drive is an ongoing web fiction which will post two chapters a week, one on Monday and one on Thursday. All chapters will be free to read! After each full story arc is completed, it is my hope to publish the chapters together into purchasable books. Of course, if you’d just like to enjoy the story for free, that is also completely okay too!

What Kind of Story is Darkmoon Drive?

Darkmoon Drive is a New Adult Progression Fantasy tale set in modern day New York City. I don’t want to talk too much about how Progression works in the story just yet as it is my hope for readers to discover it on their own, but I will say that the story is heavily inspired by the litRPG genre as well as games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

A big part of my desire to make this a web-fiction is that I want to hear from all of you as the story progresses so feel free to comment and let me know what you think as often as you’d like!

Content Advisory

While Darkmoon Drive is a work of fantasy fiction, it does heavily with ideas of self harm and suicidal ideation. I began working on this story ten years ago on one of the worst nights of my life. This is meant to be the story of a character who has come to a place where he feels he has no reason left to live. It is, however, also the story of finding hope, purpose and support. As I have, at some point in my life, felt every feeling and had every thought that I put Charlie through, I have done my best to handle these ideas with sensitivity. But even so, I ask that all readers read this story with care.

Please see the Content Advisory Page for more information and Resources.

A Quick Thank You

Darkmoon Drive is a story I never thought would see the light of day. I would start working on it, run into a problem, and then stop for another year or two. I am so excited, terrified, thrilled, anxious and every other mixture of emotions to finally release it to the world. This is the messiest, weirdest, least marketable idea I’ve ever made into a story, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.