Relics – Chapter Thirty-Eight

New Ability Unlocked: Absorption

Charlie erupted out of the backpack. Charlie erupted from the backpack, flying through the air not unlike when he fell jumping off the building; however, this time, he was thrown up along the side of the unfinished building. The backpack was still gripped tightly in his hands. He flipped over the ledge at the top and came to land on the landing he’d jumped from only moments ago. There stood Walter Kemp, just as he’d left him, but with a much more surprised look on his face. 

“What did you? How did you?” For once, the man couldn’t seem to find his words. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Kemp,” said Charlie. “I really thought I could just jump off this building and end all of this. But it turns out I’ve still got a lot to do.” 

Kemp became enraged. “Give me that backpack, or I will destroy everything and everyone you have ever cared about!” 

“Yeah, that’s not gonna work for me either.”

Kemp lunged at him, but Charlie was ready this time. He held up the backpack, opened wide to face Kemp. The inside glowed fiercely as it began to pull at Kemp. 

“Wh-what is this?!” yelled the man. Suddenly, he was coming apart. Whole parts of him disintegrated into black sand which was then pulled into the backpack as if it were dust being vacuumed up. 

“NOOOO!” screamed Walter Kemp. But it was too late. In a matter of seconds, Kemp had been completely turned to black sand and absorbed by the backpack. As soon as the last speck of sand entered the backpack, Charlie zipped it closed. He let out a long breath and turned to look out on the city. In the distance he could still see the Brooklyn Bridge. It was no longer the place where he almost ended his life. Now he realized it was the place where his life had truly begun. He smiled at it, turned and walked away from the hole in the wall, ready to find a way back down the building and then a way back home. 

Walter Kemp was gone. That is, he was mostly gone. All of him had been devoured by the backpack, and he wouldn’t be able to reform while in its bowels. But this wasn’t the backpack’s doing. It was because Walter Kemp had lost the item which gave him his powers. A black ring which when placed on the fingers of new members of the Onyx Sun, allowed them incredible abilities. A ring which Charlie, in his tired state, did not realize was still sitting on the concrete floor where Walter Kemp had stood only moments ago. 

A ring which someone else would surely find when the sun rose on a new day. 




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